You Cannot Run a Mile in Walking Shoes

by:A3 Shoes     2020-09-19
You can exercise walk for long distances in running shoes but you should not run too often in shoes designed specifically for walking. If you do, according to a podiatrist who administers to a professional basketball team, you will experience discomfort in your ankles and knees and eventually cause injury to those joints.
Mens running shoes are specially designed to bend more easily in the midsole area while still providing lateral support than other kinds of athletic shoes. A basketball shoe, for example, is designed for entirely different kinds of bending and loads. For most of man's existence shoes were just shoes made from only a few different lasts, but modern shoes from the major brands are as carefully designed and engineered as a complex machine.
The human foot has 26 bones and dozens of muscles and tendons that are designed to work together in a very specific way. Injuries occur when the wrong kind of shoe force the foot to bend in an unnatural way. It's no trivial engineering feat to design and build a mens runner that can flex and bend to perfectly match the natural motion of the foot as it rolls from heel to toe during the running gait. It's more complicated that that. A substantial number of runners have floppy feet that over pronate, or bend, toward the body's mid-line while running, and others have high arches that resist conforming to the shape of the ground during the weight-bearing portion of the gait cycle.
The New Balance Men's M498 running shoe is designed for recreational runners. It features a breathable mesh upper and a thickly cushioned interior with a soft, suede lining.
The Saucony ProGrid Ride mens running shoe is loaded with cushioning. So much that the selling slogan is that you ride on air with these shoes.
The ASICS GT2140 mens running shoe is ideal for heavier, recreational runners. The shoe is lightweight with lots of cushioning and a flex that ensures a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

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