Women's Shoes - Mules and Clogs

by:A3 Shoes     2020-07-08
The long held love affair women have had over the centuries with shoes reaches epic levels when it comes to the latest trends in shoes, and it continues into 2011. This summer season sees the wedge shoe return with stunning colors and sensational towering heights. Clogs Summer fashion becomes more complete with the addition of beautiful accessories such as handbags and sunglasses. An item no fashionable girl can do without this summer is the clog shoe. As the perfect accessory for every hip or trendy fashionista's wardrobe, clog shoe says so much more than mere shoes style allows. The world of fashion's fascination with the classic clog shoe stems back to the days of the Dutch civilization. The traditional Dutch clog made its way into mainstream fashion must to the praise of designers and fashionistas around the world. Clogs offer a fun and playful look for woman of any age. The modernization of the clog shoe took the clumsy and at time bulky medieval fashion statement to the next level. Beautiful constructed clogs adorn fashion runways last season like never before. Expect to see more of this fashionable style of woman's shoe on the catwalk for years to come. Wedge Designers like Stella McCarthy have brought back the quintessential classic wedge shoe. Stunning tall wedges featuring towering platform style and bold prints are hitting the runaways and high streets everywhere. Towering high above the standard wedge heel means that wearing a pair of newly designed wedges shoes can add height to your wardrobe and any petite figure. Wedge shoes by Stella McCarthy have especially taken the wedge look to loftier heights. Designer Tory Burch also has a new collection of majestic wedges that are boldly presented with stunning array of colors, styles and even heights. Wedge heels are designed to impress with wooden or cork material creating the fashion statement of the year in shoes. Wild leopard prints and fake fur are used to accent the sleek look of the wedge shoe in the Tory Burch collection. While Stella McCarthy's gone with a more edgier look that exudes fabulous. Mules Mules are always a summer season favorite. Mules in bright colors create the perfect look for summer and fall woman's wear. Classic and chic, the traditional mules can make any outfit complete. For a look that is carefree and easy to wear, the is this season's look to go for. Wear the right mules shoe and you too will definitely stand out in a crowded room. The mules fashion style has been praised over the decades as the shoe to wear for a more friendly fit on the feet than your average towering stiletto. The one thing about the mules look is that it will never go out of style or fashion. Mules are definitely hot this season with innovating patterns and styles. The high anticipated new mules collection are available at your nearest shopping center or boutique shop. Spice up your spring wardrobe with the latest in sensational footwear now.
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