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by:A3 Shoes     2020-09-12
There are a million choices when it comes to shoes nowadays. Shoe stores are filled with countless boxes containing women's shoes styles that may differ greatly from one another. It helps if you have a general idea of what you want before going on your shopping spree. From high heels to trainers to sandals, the choices for women today are near limitless. But if you are looking for casual footwear that are both trendy and comfortable, there are many good alternatives to choose from.
Ballet Pumps
Ballet pumps are styled after traditional ballet slippers. While ballet slippers are made with dancing in mind, those made for the streets are slightly different. While ballet slippers require thin soles to benefit the kind of flexibility needed, those that are made for casual wear are generally thicker. They are also much stiffer than their traditional counterparts.
The color range available is also far wider than anything you can find for ballet slippers. Anything from black, blue, red, green to nude shades are available. This makes ballet pumps a distinctly feminine yet trendy shoe for just about any casual event. For increased, go with those made from leather and canvas. Leather in particular is known to be some of the longer lasting shoes in the world of women's footwear.
Ladies sneakers are an obvious choice. As far as closed footwear styles are concerned, very little matches the basic sneaker. They are built with comfort and functionality in mind so this isn't really a surprise. From your major brands from Nike and Adidas to lesser known variants like Sole Rebels, sneakers are the casual shoe of choice if you put comfort above everything else.
Mary Jane Shoes
Mary Jane shoes are one of the oddities of the footwear arena. They are considered a niche style but are also very comfortable to wear in this day and age. They were modeled after a comic book character from the early 20th century and have remained on the outskirts of major fashion trends every since. The shoe has a rounded front and features a buckle or strap that runs across the instep. They are also low heeled footwear which probably attributes greatly to its comfort levels.
Kitten Heels
If you're looking for the inherent beauty of high heels but are unwilling to torture your feet to achieve such beauty, then kitten heels are for you. The only difference between kitten heels and high heels are the height and style of the heel. All kitten heels feature stiletto heels that do not surpass two and a half inches in height. This attributes greatly to the comfort of these shoes. But the kind of comfort offered by kitten heels cannot be compared to sneakers or ballet pumps. If style is of prime importance to you, then kitten heels are a good compromise.
SandalsThere are many different types of ladies sandals on the market. Some are heeled while others are true to the design of traditional sandals. The basic sandal is an open shoe with a single strap at the toes securing the foot to the sole. However, many designers have taken the liberty of changing the basic nature of the sandal. But if you look at the basic sandal for strictly casual wear, they are some of the most comfortable on the market. Looks are secondary to sandals while comfort is of prime importance.

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