Women And Their Passion For Shoes

by:A3 Shoes     2020-07-14
There is nothing new in the fact that women have a real passion for shoes that they neither can hide it, nor they want to do that. This is a sort of an unwritten rule that women from all over the world, of all ages and from all walks of life follow unconsciously. And why wouldn't they just love shoes? If you are a woman then you definitely understand that shoes can bright up your day and a shoes shopping session can work wonders on your mood. Women in general love shopping because it is the best way to show that they are really stylish and always know what to choose for each occasion. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that shopping can make the brain release a dose of dopamine, a hormone responsible for feeling good. Some women have confessed that they actually got rid of depressions through shopping a beautiful pair of footwear. Besides the medical explanation, there is a psychological one. Collecting shoes is for some people the same with collecting things in general. A certain part of the brain responsible for the happiness and fulfillment collectors experience is stimulated whenever women purchase a new pair of footwear. Since forever, women were supposed to do everything that stood in their power to be beautiful and to look good at any time of the day. This is why most of them have a well-developed sense of aesthetics. They are extremely good at matching clothes with accessories like shows, purses and jewels. From the three, shoes are probably the most important accessories of all. This is why it is important to choose the right pair for each outfit. Besides the fact that they look great and complete an outfit, they give women a certain confidence no other accessory can give. For example wearing a fabulous, high quality pair of high stilettos pumps can make all the difference. They are the perfect choice if you want your legs to be admired by everyone. Just knowing that you look fantastic can boost your confidence level and get through the most difficult situations. Let's face it! High heels like stilettos should be worn when you want to conquer. They stand for sexuality and sensuality. The body position changes when you wear high heels making it more attractive for the opposite gender. The leg looks longer, the posterior lifts and the back is arched because the center of equilibrium has to change. All these elements make the woman feel more sensual and attract the men's attention at the same time.
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