Why Do Designer Shoes Make Women Feel Sexy?

by:A3 Shoes     2020-07-19
A lot of people might ask themselves why a pair of designer shoes makes women feel so much more sexy... Is it the shoes themselves or the feelings they get from having the confidence in knowing their shoes are hot? Either way, shoes do mean a lot to women and they spend a lot of money on getting nice shoes for themselves, at least if they care about it. As a man it's hard to understand this obsession with shoes, but it's nice to see a woman in a pair of nice high heels along with a nice dress or similar. It makes them sexy for some reason, I'll admit to that... Many women have a fair amount of shoes and shoes for all occasions. It's one of the most important factors for deciding an outfit. Some women prefer to wear 'sexy' high heels and others go with the more casual style... While some prefer the 'cute' innocent look. The difference between a 'regular' pair of shoes and designer shoes is significant. The more expensive the shoes, more often than not, the woman will feel more confident... Maybe the price tag adds to the idea of a more luxurious lifestyle... It's interesting to note, how the look of the shoes rarely plays a role here, but if it's expensive and cute or sexy, they usually gain more attention. A boring sneaker will not get as much attention as a nice pair of designer heels on a night out. The color of the shoes, and design of the shoe also attracts attention in various ways. Most women shouldn't go with too over the top shoes if they aren't comfortable to wear them. This is the opposite of sexy. If the shoe doesn't fit the overall style or overall image of the person, it messes up the purpose of them to begin with. The business woman should probably not get some really high attitude heels and the hippie might not look so good in a pair of designer shoes... There is a fine line to walk, and many people get it spot on. These are just some common issues with women and looking sexy in shoes. Other's think they are not slim enough to wear really nice shoes, or they don't have the income to buy more expensive shoes, but if you have the money definitely treat yourself with a nice pair of designer shoes!
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