Why Are We Obsessed With Shoes?

by:A3 Shoes     2020-08-03
Recently I heard a guy friend of mine complaining about us woman and our obsession with shoes. Yes, we all know it very well that we are nuts in this case. At least most of us, if not all. Even I sometimes wonder what is it about this part of our closet that is so important and dear to our heart. We can never have enough of shoes, they are our bffs, they complete us. We are loyal to them and fickle at the same time. Such a messy relationship! Lol Well, here's my theory on why we are so obsessed with them. I think the answer lies in the history. Since our childhood, we heard the story of Cinderella. The pair of those glass slippers united her with her Prince Charming and all the woman in the kingdom were dying to fit into that shoe! I guess that is still going on. Even though Cinderella got her prince, we are all still looking for ours. But first we must fit the shoe. And hence, our endless search for that perfect pair. Now I don't say that the Prince Charming in our case means that one guy we are meant to be with, as many of you may already have him in your life and yet you're crazy about shoes. That is merely a symbolic representation of perfection in our life that we are still looking for. Having a nice pair of shoe empowers us, makes us feel confident, makes us feel higher and ready to take over the world. Helen Fisher, PhD, a professor of anthropology at Rutgers University said: 'Like most animals, we're wired to associate height with heels can literally raise your status because you're taller when you wear them.' Not to mention, it makes us appear sexier, more confident and noticeable in the eyes of others. It is true that when you wear high heels your butt lifts and your back arches. This is of course a very flattering pose that makes woman appear sexier and more desirable for mating. When it gets us attention, we all feel good (Please woman don't deny this!) This boost in physical appearance is another reason we love shoes. In conclusion, it is perhaps our search for perfection that we keep buying more shoes. If only we can have the same feeling about other things in our lives, we wouldn't be so obsessed with shoes. So all those men complaining about their woman being a fanatic about those killingly gorgeous and bank-breaking Louboutins, give her a reason to not be. You may already have what she is looking for in those shoes!
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