What's In Fashion This Season for Ladies Shoes?

by:A3 Shoes     2020-06-04
The secret to buying lady shoes and coming out on top of your A-game in terms of fashion is knowing as early as possible what's in style this year. Get it right and you can be one of the seasons trendsetters, get it wrong however, and you'll be stuck with last year's faded styles and having to go back again to buy your footwear for this season. So just what are all the style pundits and fashionistas pointing to as being the hot new trends this season? For starters the high heel open toe look is still in and it comes in a number of styles including the sandal. Then on the more casual front flip-flops are continuing to catch wind this season and as a result they've been soaring in popularity. They're super affordable, super comfortable, and designers have really started to step up to the plate to come up with new colours and design schemes for new looks in what once was the poor cousin of ladies foot fashion. So flip-flops are now being seen being worn on beaches, in parks and malls, pretty much anywhere casual ladies footwear is the norm. High top pointed toe boots are also going to be very popular for the upcoming 2012 season, with the classic western boot making it's 30 year cycle appearance this year. The western boot will be around for three or four seasons just like it always has been then after that you can put yours away and wait for another 25 or 30 years to take them out again. Now real animal fur just isn't selling and it's not hard to see why it will never be back to where it was in earlier seasons in terms of popularity. There really is just no humane way to produce it. It's so bad now that you run the risk of having paint thrown on you if you should be seen in the wrong place out in public wearing it. It's just not worth the risk or the expense anymore and besides fake fur is a whole lot higher quality than it used to be. In fact it looks so real that it's almost virtually impossible for someone to tell the difference without close examination. So the bottom line here is that if you intend to wear fuzzy fur-lined footwear, do so at your own risk unless of course you take the fake fur option. Then finally, overall comfort in ladies shoes will continue to gain in popularity this season. What I'm referring to here is the new trend in women's shoes that are stylish yet foot friendly because now you don't have to suffer to look your best. Working women and ladies on the go in particular have found that this new type of shoe can be a real foot saver at the end of the day. It's a type of footwear that mixes style with new high-tech foot friendly materials that fit around the shape of the foot rather than push up against it, materials that also breathe to keep feet dry and cool on hot days.
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