Ways to Discover Your Partner's Wishes This Christmas

by:A3 Shoes     2020-07-01
Some years Christmas shopping can feel like the easiest task in the world. Family and friends drop not too subtle hints, the department store gift range is expansive and the queues don't seem nearly as bad as everyone says. But sometimes it's just one of those years and your Christmas shopping starts to feel like you're taking a stab in the dark. At times like these it's best to get some tips, after all, in today's tough economic climate few of us have money to spend on the wrong gifts. If you're currently struggling to find the perfect present for your partner, here are some simple ideas for discovering exactly what they're after. 1. Just Ask Sounds simple? That's because it is. The idea of secretive gift giving is lovely in theory but these days many of us don't have the time or the money to be getting it wrong. After all, sometimes the gift you desperately need can be pretty tricky to buy for yourself, let alone someone else. From lingerie to shoes, well fitting clothes to books, if you want to skip over the guessing game called present buying this year, simply ask. 2. Leave Hints for Each Other It might be in the form of a sneaky post-it note or leaving the clue with a friend; whatever method you choose, leaving hints for one another regarding the perfect Christmas gift is a great way to ensure you get something you actually want or like. 3. Create a No-No List This is a good way of eliminating any potential gift-giving disasters. Create a list of unwanted presents (socks and ties perhaps) and stick it on the fridge or an easy to see shared part of the home. This will help to guide your loved one about which presents to steer well clear of. 4. Listen Closely If your loved one desperately needs a new pair of shoes, then chances are they complained about it last time you went out together. It's absolutely vital to pay close attention to the little details of your shared conversations as it's usually where hints and clues are dropped. Often enough your partner might not have even considered they need to solve a particular problem. Buying a beautiful leather bound diary for instance, would be a great solution if your partner is feeling overwhelmed by appointments. Or perhaps if they mentioned how much they needed some time off, you could take the initiative by booking a trip for a fantastic holiday away together. 5. Buy Presents Together This isn't the most traditional of gift giving procedures but it's a sure fire way to give and receive something you truly love. It could be a matter of buying your individual presents as a pair or perhaps buying one big gift to share, like a holiday or a new household appliance. Some gifts like women's heels and jeans are simply too frustrating to buy without having a chance to try them on first. Buying each gifts together guarantees you tick all of the boxes for a fabulous Christmas present, not to mention giving you some quality time together in the busy build up to Christmas.
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