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Transcript for Officials start screening people traveling from Italy and South Korea

Transcript for Officials start screening people traveling from Italy and South Korea


The growing travel dangerous corona virus cases jumped and almost canceled flights. Americans are urged to cancel or reconsider travel planes to Europe and Asia the Louvre Museum in Paris a magnet for international travelers shut down today over virus concerns. 130 new cases in that country a newly. 80% increase in a single day ABC Steffi Ramos has. More tonight American Airlines and delta canceling all flights to Milan as cases an Italy spike. 

This after the trumpet administration implemented the highest travel advisory to regions of Italy and South Korea. The administration also announcing screenings overseas. Presidents also directed the State Department to coordinate a screen in a medical screening in their countries of any individuals that are coming in. Through the United States of America but today president trump adding a tweet they will also be screened when they arrive in America. 

Cases of corona virus keep mounting in Italy they've almost doubled to 24 hours with more than 16100. People now infected. 34 have died. Today's saint mark's square in Venice is almost deserted and and roll it church closed after a priest was diagnosed. The Pope making his first public appearance since getting the colts four days ago. He caught while green worshippers from his balcony he's now canceling his upcoming trip. Although there is no indication his symptoms are linked to the corona virus. The famed Louvre in Paris shuttered today the museum staff fearing visitors might expose them. That country seeing a nearly 80%. Increase in patients with the virus with 130. People testing positive. 

In Japan. A marathon that usually has tens of thousands of participants had just a few hundred runners is staggering difference from last year. All right Stephanie Ramos joins us live from Newark now Stephanie they did screen passengers from China for the last month. Any word on when that will start with passengers coming from parts of Italy or South Korea. Tom they have not announced when those screenings will start but a number of travelers coming in from Italy

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