Top 5 Women's Shoes

by:A3 Shoes     2020-05-30
'Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.' - Marilyn Monroe Shopping for shoes online is by far the most convenient method of picking out ladies footwear in the UK today. Buying them online isn't just convenient; it is far superior to the range commonly seen at the shopping centers. But there is a downside to buying ladies shoes this way, you cannot try on the merchandise. This is commonly solved by generous return policies that most of the reputable online stores offer their customers today. It can't be denied that we women love our shoes. To some of us, a pair of shoes can have a magical effect that makes us feel like we can conquer the world, or at least make us feel like Cinderella. It doesn't help that there are so many varieties available in the market that could make us go crazy enough to buy more pairs than we could possibly wear. We just have to have a different pair of shoes to wear for work, for special occasions, for casual wear, or even for different seasons. A poll by Shop Smart magazine has revealed that an average woman owns 17 pairs of shoes, but then again we've known that women relate to shoes in a way that is exclusive to them which leaves many men scratching their heads. A pair of shoes can make a difference - it can transform your look from being just okay into a look that says fabulous. You can get them in different styles, different colors, different sizes and the best part is you can get them without even stepping out of the comfort of your home with the availability of online shopping these days! If you are going shopping, here are the top 5 women's shoes that you definitely have to check out: High heels - A definite must have for that sexy or elegant look. There are different types of high heels, namely stilettos, kitten heels, pumps and sling backs, just to name a few. Stilettos (which derived its name from the stiletto dagger used by assassins) have long thin heels which can vary between 2 inches to 10 inches in height, while kitten heels is much safer with small heels that can be between 1 inches to 2 inches. Pumps are shoes with low cut front that can have either pointed toes or rounded toes and heels that are of a minimum 2 inches height, and sling backs, which is similar to pumps, leaves the back part of the heels exposed with its slinky little straps. High heels are great to make the legs look longer or more toned, and go well with dresses, jeans, skirts or pants. Flats - Chic, yet extremely comfortable. This is another must have, as flats can be stylish too and it is great for the weekend when you want to give those precious feet a rest after wearing heels all week. The most common flats are flip-flops or ballet shoes. Flip-flops are now available with more dressy designs, while ballet flats are perfect for those who still want a polished look without wearing high heels. Flip-flops will be great for that trip to the beach, and you can match ballet flats with jeans, leggings or a skirt for a comfortable look. Sandals - A top choice for places with humid climate or hot summer days. Sandals usually come with straps to keep the feet cool and dry, and they can either be flat, low heeled (ranging from 0.5 inch to 2 inches), or high heeled. They are suitable for almost any occasion such as going to the beach, going to a barbecue, shopping with friends or you can even wear it to the office as they do have some designs that are classy and gives you that sophisticated look. You can pair this with jeans, skirts, summer dresses, shorts or any breezy outfit you have in mind. Wedges - Suitable for casual laid-back looks. Wedges heels normally run from the back of the shoes/sandals to the middle or the front, and is thicker at the heels and narrower at the toes. Wedges comes in many styles or design to fit your needs, so you can wear wedges that has funky colors for a casual look or go for wedges heels that has a dressy or sling back straps for an elegant summer evenings. Wedges matches well with short skirts or knee-length dresses or any casual laid-back looks that you want to go for, and it gives you the comfort of wearing flats while having the height and glamor of donning a pair of high-heels. Boots - Who says you can't be stylish during winter? You will be spoiled for choices with so many different styles and designs available, you no longer have to be afraid of not having the right shoes to wear for winter. We have boots made of leather or knit or even Ugg boots made of sheepskin to keep your feet warm and cozy during winter; and boots with stiletto heels for a more fashionable look for other seasons. You have the choice of ankle high boots or knee high boots, and even thigh high boots are available to fit in with any occasion or event needed. They go well with either short skirts or a pair of jeans or leggings with a sweater. Whatever type of shoes you decide to go for, it is most important to remember to choose the right size and fit for you. You wouldn't want to waste your money on a pair of shoes that is so uncomfortable that it ends up at the back of your shoes closet. One thing for sure is that nothing beats a compliment that goes 'I love your shoes!', so go wild hunting for that pair of shoes that can make you feel fabulous or give you that instant boost of confidence!
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