Tips for Putting an Outfit Together

by:A3 Shoes     2020-08-06
Putting together an outfit can be difficult sometimes especially when you cannot get anything to match. Outfits and accessories do not always have to match but they should at least compliment each other and not clash or heavily contrast. Remember the fashion mantras...accessorize and mix and match whenever you can. Some of my female friends have told me to imagine putting an outfit together as like a recipe. There has to be some main ingredients as the core of any dish but there will be some seasoning and garnish to complete the recipe and make it absolutely delicious and just like any good chef you need to be organised in the kitchen. This also applies to your wardrobe. Keep it organised and have everything organised. It is a whole lot easier to put an outfit together if you can easily find your clothes in the wardrobe. The main course of your outfit will be the main thing you are wearing and will be the basis for your outfit. It can be almost anything, it does not have to be the dress or blouse but can be the shoes you have chosen to wear. Try to ensure though that it is something you like because you will be using it as the basis for your whole outfit so best not to choose something you really are not that confident wearing or unsure about. Choose a favourite that you love to wear or something that you have been waiting to wear for a special occasion. Now it is time to build around your centrepiece. Do you have anything in your wardrobe that you can use to complement it? A belt, a pair of shoes and even a hat can all make an outfit complete if they are used to maximum effect. Be a little inventive though if possible and do not always go for the immediate choices and combinations that come to mind. Try a few variations and decide which you think looks the best and which you feel the most comfortable wearing. There are not really any definitive answers when it comes to personal taste or even fashion for that matter. A general rule to follow is that if you like it and you feel good wearing it then the answer is that it is working. This is where personal style and taste often play a big role in determining what people wear. What is the difference between an average outfit and a great outfit? A great outfit will usually make you feel great too as it boosts your confidence and a great outfit usually has what is referred to as hook. Just like a catchy song it will contain an element that is attention grabbing and memorable. The hook will finish off your look and might even be something you would not usually consider wearing. Think Bright red shoes with grey trousers or a pinstripe skirt. Draw your inspiration from wherever you want regarding fashion but like Shakespeare once said in one of his plays you need to be true to yourself.
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