The New High-Tech 1906 New Balance Men's Running Shoes

by:A3 Shoes     2020-09-20
The 1906 is an important model in the New Balance lineup. The model name takes after the year the company was founded. The shoe model as important as this one, you'd expect to be the company's flagship, and to use the best they have to offer. So they do - and these are positioned to be the ultimate running machines your money can buy, outfitted with N-ERGY cushioning throughout to improve on the shock absorption that normal foam underpinnings coud never bring you. Let's take these New Balance men's running shoes on and see if they run as well as they seem capable on paper.
New Balance has tried to make these shoes look the part for being the company's flagship model, and they certainly succeeded. The Dual Density collar, the Lockdown Liner and the Abzorb Strobel sock certainly give these shoes a muscular take-no-prisoners look. For the money, they certainly give you something substantial - the pair weighs in at about a pound and a half.
The first thing you notice about the technology that goes into these New Balance men's running shoes is that they are built on the proprietary New Balance PL1 system that the company is using on its top of the range models. The fact that the lace-up system employs SureLace is evident too, and it's all really plush and confidence-inspiring (if you haven't had the pleasure of using these before, the laces have an uneven pattern on them to make sure that they don't slip once you have tied them up).
What do these New Balance men's running shoes feel they like underfoot when in action? As you'd expect, the cushioning feels dense and thoroughly responsive, even if the strength of the cushioning seems mostly concentrated around the heel. And the cushioning around the toes feel particularly firm. What this adds up to is that the transition from toes to heels can feel a bit disconnected if you happen to run with the heel striking first. Once you break these shoes in though, the problem passes completely.
These are neutral running shoes; and not only do they keep your feet properly cushioned once broken in, they do it until they're completely broken down after 500 miles or so. And the stability system they call N-Lock that is right in the fabric of the shoe does quite a bit to keep your feet stable and well-planted. The Lockdown Liner that makes the shoes look kind of butch and businesslike, work together with the N-Lock system to tighten the laces really well and protect your feet like never before.
Without question, these airy and well thought-out shoes are quite brilliant. But they've really tried their best to pack so much technology in there that sometimes, they can not work for certain kinds of feet. Nevertheless, these should make a great buy, and should last you for long enough.

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