The Basics of Urban Clothing

by:A3 Shoes     2020-09-15
Nowadays, on the streets of any city it is possible to come across young people clothed sharply different from the casually-dressed representatives of their age group or middle-aged men in suits and ties. Some would complement their dressing etiquette, possibly with the use of slang; to others it would seem just another branch of youth culture; and some would consider it an abomination of fashion and wonder when their neighbourhood started turning into a ghetto. So what are the main features of urban clothing?
It is possible to apply familiar terminology to this style, which is also known as hip hop fashion; such clothes in some distant way imitate two-piece and three-piece outfits. The upper part can be represented by either a sweater or a T-shirt. The tones vary depending on the person's preference, and can range from plain white to a mix of any colours. Additionally, it can depict a representation of the particular culture like an image of a rapper or have an allegorical expression sown on it. Pants are traditionally of dark or dark-blue colour, big, and might give the impression of hanging somewhat loosely. Jeans too are a variation of the style. The outfit can be made complete with the third item, a jacket, although it is not a necessity. Its length varies, and can almost reach knee level. The jacket is usually worn unzipped.
There are other articles of clothing firmly associated with this fashion. Few people go out of their houses without shoes on. In urban clothing sneakers are the norm. Whether it is just a walk, a game of ball, or break dancing, sneakers have proven themselves as the most comfortable type of shoes. Just as in the case of sweatshirts, taste decides the colour of footwear. The head can be crowned with a cap. Unlike a baseball player, a follower of hip hop fashion often wears it with the skip turned backwards or sideways.
Of course, this style even has its own jewellery. It is possible to see the adherents of the fashion wear chains, which play this role, around their necks or wrists. The metallic nature of the chains depends on the amount of money the owner was willing to invest into his dress decorations. It is not uncommon to have golden or even platinum chains, but at the same time, ones made out of ordinary metal are an acceptable substitute.
All in all, diverging perceptions aside, hip-clothing is still a genre of modern-day fashion. Also, a look at it reveals a major aspect-like other styles, it is prone to variation.

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