The 80s Are Back With Neon Sneakers

by:A3 Shoes     2020-09-04
Do you remember the '80s? Were you the queen of big hair and bright colors? Did you have a New Kids on the Block haircut or a Wham! T-shirt? Possibly you weren't even born in the '80s and you missed out on all the fabulous bright fun neon fashions. Not to worry you have a chance now to put your best foot forward in neon high top sneakers.
The fun of day-glo colors is back in a big way. With fluorescent pink, blue, yellow and green your shoes will make people need to wear their sunglasses at night! Want to see what sort of great designs there are in neon sneakers these days?
It doesn't matter what age you are neon sneakers will improve your style by lending even a frilly skirt a touch of street style. If you remember slouch socks and scrunchies, fingerless lace gloves and zippered leather jackets you'll reminisce and love the reappearance of fluorescent colored shoes.
If you've never experienced the carefree fun of neon sneakers you may need to prepare yourself for the bright colors that completely cause every other piece of fashion to fade into the background. There's just something a little flashy about wearing fluorescent shoes that screams look at me! If your goal is to be a high style cutting edge fashion icon this is the way to go. If you're a wallflower that wants to blend in then you may want to skip the neon sneaks!
They say that every aspect of fashion repeats itself. We've seen clogs come and go and come back again, bell bottoms have evolved into flares and skinny jeans are finally back! Bright colors and flashy clothing and shoes are also new again. Cutting edge style these days is found in the big bright colors of fluorescent shoes.
Designers all over the world are experimenting with these throwback designs and colors that were popular in the '80s don't miss out on a cool new fashion trend. Grab a pair of neon sneakers and flash your fashion style. Why stop at the shoes? All sorts of new neon and day-glo colored products are hitting the stores. You could be a fashion forward Mom who shares her shoes with her teen daughter! How rare is that? Of course if your daughter wasn't around in the 80s she may not have the appreciation for neon that you have.

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