Some Simple Tips to Look Good With Cheap Women Shoes

by:A3 Shoes     2020-07-31
Designer shoes no doubt look good but they are enough to burn a big hole in your pocket and frankly speaking, not everyone can afford them. We crave and pine for them and all we can do is lament. And then we try to look for cheaper varieties of the same designs that we see movie stars wearing at red carpet and end up buying an uncomfortable pair or too flashy stuff which we never wear. However, there is no reason to fret. Just because you do not have cash enough to feed you for week- to spend on a pair of shoes does not mean that you cannot look gorgeous within your own budget. Taking care of few simple things can help you to bear a stunning look. As it was mentioned earlier, we love what movie stars wear. But it is advisable to steer clear of those replica shoes available in the flee-markets for the simple reason that they are made from very inferior leather or other material and are not durable at all and you spend on such a stuff just because something like that was worn by a movie star. Rather, you should choose some quality shoe from a reputed departmental store. That way you would at least know that you are spending your money on something durable. Next, if you want to play up and make your shoe brighter, then bring out your sewing box. Rather than imitating the stars, create your own style by sewing some lovely laces or stars on the sides and on the front. In fact, if you buy a basic black or white pair, then you can stick and take off some basic motifs every time you out on different dress. All you need for it is some removable gum. Therefore, if you are going to a beach party, you can stick flower motifs on your white shoe and if you are going to a Christmas party, then stick some sparklers on a black shoe! Since the occasion and place also have to be kept in mind, you can try out the various heel types. So instead of buying a flashy designer stiletto, invest on a good pair with moderate heels, which would be suitable for your office by day and can be worn with a party outfit in night. After all, when you are on a budget, there is no use of buying a pair that can be worn with only one type of dress. You also have to resist the temptation to change your shoes every month. So before buying, be sure about what you are looking for rather than being too impulsive. If you have the correct attitude, then half the work of looking good has been achieved.
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