Shoes Accessories

Shoes Accessories

1. Natural leather: the second layer of cow skin is made by artificial film covering, which is breathable, strong in toughness and value. It is used for high-end products

2. Super fiber: made of super fine fiber, it has the characteristics of natural cowhide and has excellent permeability, softness and durability

3. PU space leather: made of non-woven fabric, better permeability than PVC artificial leather, similar to natural leather, smooth and not rough cut surface

4. Mesh: textile has good air permeability, soft and comfortable to wear, but it is easy to absorb dust, not easy to keep warm, easy to get wet, special attention should be paid when wearing

5.Canvas: soft,  breathable and washable, generally used for making vulcanized shoes

There are diverse footwear accessories, such as shoes upper,TPR sole, rubber sole, EVA sole, contact us.

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