Purple Shoes Tips

by:A3 Shoes     2020-06-02
There's no doubt that some of us girls have an addiction to beautiful shoes. I, the writer, am no exception. However, I'm no risk taker when it comes to footwear until one clear blue-skied day when I bought my first pair of purple ankle boots. From that day on, my black, white and nude shoes were accompanied by more-than-needed number of purple shoes. I was confronted by a girlfriend that my purple shoes collection will not be practical and that the shoes will be happier if I just donated or sell some of them to another person i.e. the 'well-intentioned' girlfriend. Being my hard-headed self, I set myself to prove my girlfriend wrong - that I could definitely get great mileage out of my purple shoes. After all, purple is a regal, sophisticated color that will create depth and dimension to anything you wear... right? Tokyo Purple Ankle Boots I kept it classic and safe with my first experiment with my purple ankle boots the day after I purchased them; buttoned down white shirt tucked into a pencil skirt. I was wearing my normal office clothes but as I trotted around the office, I noticed heads turning and people complementing that I'm rockin' these medium-heeled purple ankle boots! After a successful first day in them, I decided to put them on again for a night out with my parents during the weekend. I was looking for casual chic, so I threw on my favorite flowy cream tunic and dark-washed skinny jeans tucked under the boots. The pop of purple combined with the yellow added sass to an otherwise simple, casual look. Purple Heels Within a month after I purchased my first purple ankle boots, I found myself in possession of two gorgeous heels. There I was with these beauties but nothing to wear them with (or so I thought). A blue and purple combo works thanks to the color blocking trend. Just like that, my styling block was lifted. You can also try this technique with other complementary colors like oranges and pinks! Because I wanted my purple shoes to be the focal point, I kept my clothes simple: the purple sequined heels was worn with a solid blue sheath dress while a white shirt and pink midi skirt was topped off with a pair of lilac platform pumps. The Purple Varina Among the few pairs of purple shoes that I own, I probably wear this pair the most. They can go from carefree and casual to classic chic. Not to mention, they're feet friendly. For a casual and relaxing day out, pair your purple ballet flats with a flowy tee and capri pants or shorts. Glam up effortlessly for the office or a date night with a midi skirt, a fitted cardigan and ballerina flats. You can also wear your ballet flats with pencil pants or layer your outfit with some leggings for these outfits.
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