Prepping Yourself for That Excellent Exercise

by:A3 Shoes     2020-09-23
There are many forms of exercise, but perhaps there's none as simple and as convenient as running. Why so? Well, first off, running does not require any special skills. It's something any person can do because we're all born with the natural ability to do it; in other words, our body was meant to run. Although there are certain ways to run depending on your purpose for doing it, whether competitively or as a form of recreation or exercise, anyone with a pair of legs can run. You can also run anytime you want, as long as the weather is good and you have the time to spare for it.
Running is one of the best ways you can stay fit. Its benefits include improvement of your cardiovascular health, lowering your blood pressure, increased metabolism, and keeping cholesterol at bay. It also increases the amount of calories that we burn. For those who do not run or perform any exercise, we burn an average of 2000 - 2500 calories each day. If you run for, say, 5 miles, however, you can burn around 500 calories more, which makes it one of the most surefire ways to lose weight.
If it's the first time you're running, you may feel a bit overwhelmed when you start doing it, especially if you have people around you running for miles and miles almost effortlessly while you huff and puff after running for just a quarter of a mile. Of course, as a beginner, you can't run like the long-time runners do. Besides, running for miles on the very first day can pose some risk factors. Just like with any sport or exercise, you need to start with a goal that's manageable and realizable. Once you feel that you can literally go the extra mile after a few days of running, that's when you can start transitioning to a higher goal.
Of course, you need to consult with your doctor first before getting into it. Before you purchase your first pair of women's or men's running shoes, be sure to get a physical exam to determine if you're fit for running. Talking to your doctor first is especially crucial if you've been leading a sedentary lifestyle for more than a year, you are over 65, you're overweight, or you have a heart condition, among many other things.
Once you get cleared by your doctor, you can now start fixing your schedule so you can accommodate this exciting, challenging, and beneficial physical activity. Satisfy that deep-down desire to run and start enjoying its multiple benefits!

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