My History On The Nike Air Jordans

by:A3 Shoes     2020-08-30
I started collecting Air Jordans when I was 9 years old. My first pair was the Air Jordan #4's that were seen in Spike Lee's movie 'Do The Right Thing'. When you bought the Air Jordans, it made you feel like you were really somebody. Now keep in mind, in the mid-80's, $100 for a pair of sneakers was unheard of. I remember my mother saying, '$100 for some sneakers? I'm not buying you that!' So I had to save my birthday money to buy my first pair. I remember it like it was yesterday, staring at the shoes and observing them. I would smell them and constantly try them on. I was also intrigued with the marketing hype of jumping higher with Jordans. I would test them out by jumping up and tapping the wall, leaving a mark to see if I could jump higher wearing the Jordans versus other shoes. I also remember the tags inside the shoes always said made in Taiwan. I asked my mom if we could take a trip to Taiwan, but we never did. My favorite Jordans would have to be the 3's, the 4's, the 8's, the 6's, the 5's, and don't forget the 11's. Those were the hardest when it came to fashion and reliability on the basketball court.
I was raised in Los Angeles where kids were getting jacked for their Air Jordans. But kids were getting killed in Chicago for the shoes. It became a huge phenomenon. Back then when we were buying Jordans as kids, we did not fathom they would become collector's items like they are now. Today when there's a shoe release, it becomes a spectacle with lines around the corner and people sleeping outside overnight. It seems like it gets worse every 10 years because the first time I ever stood in line was for the Air Jordan Retros #4's in 1999, which still had the Nike Air on the back of the shoe instead of the Jordan logo. I remember how embarrassed and foolish I felt standing in line for some shoes. I also couldn't believe how early in the morning it was and that there was actually a long line. Nowadays that's nothing. Kids sleep outside for days just for a new release of a shoe. It's very difficult to get your favorite retros today if you miss the release date. If you don't pick them up that day, you can forget about it. So I came up with an idea to help every sneaker head keep track of when the new Jordans will drop, so they will never have to ask someone, 'When did those come out?'
Today the Jordan line has evolved into something completely bigger than Jordan himself. There are kids rocking Air Jordans who have never seen the man play in their life. And with all these different types of remixes, they are watering down the line.

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