Men's Water Shoes - Three Points to Consider When

by:A3 Shoes     2020-08-15
For water sports and outdoor adventures when getting wet is all but guaranteed you need to have footwear which will be up to the job at hand and will give you the right level of protection whilst being robust enough to cope with the high forces at work under water. If you are a water sports enthusiast it's best to invest in a pair of water shoes which are constructed to last and this means spending a little extra to buy top quality. Most of the major outdoor performance footwear specialists offer a range of men's water shoes which incorporate the latest footwear technology to provide the maximum level of grip, support and protection for the feet. When choosing a pair of shoes consider how each performs in each of these areas: Grip Underwater the surface can be slippery and when placing the feet you need a shoe with a tread which is capable of expelling water to ensure the maximum traction. Sticky rubber on the soles is a great choice, especially when the tread is razor sipped. The deep cuts in the sole serve to channel water away from the contact surface maximising traction. Whilst many brands develop their own rubber for the soles, one of the best compounds is produced by Vibram. Their grip is legendary both on dry land and underwater. Protection If you are going to spend a considerable amount of time in the water you are going to encounter unseen hazards which can cause painful stubbed toes or even worse. Choose a model which offers an additional degree of protection for the toes. When walking in the water, the resistance of the water places a high strain on shoes, which can easily cause the uppers to tear away from the soles. When choosing men's water shoes ensure that they upper is securely fastened to the sole, and the more points for attachment there are the more robust the shoe will be. Support Whilst geared to a more amphibious existence, you will need to wear the shoes on dry land too, and for getting to and from the water you need to be in comfort. Choose a pair with anatomical arch support to make sure of maximum day long comfort, and ensure that they have an anti-microbial treatment. Wet shoes can lead to the growth of fungus and the development of foot odour, and the last thing you want to have to do is to spend hours cleaning and drying the shoes after use. Pay attention to these key points and you will ensure that your water shoes will be comfortable, will last the maximum time frame and will give you the best level of protection.
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