Mary Janes - 4 Reasons Why They Are Such Great Shoes!

by:A3 Shoes     2020-06-19
The name 'Mary Janes' to describe a girls or ladies shoe dates back to America 1904. A shoe company called 'The Brown Shoe Company' wanted to launch its new style of footwear and hired an actress called Mary Jane to be the 'face' of their name just then stuck! Today this form of shoe comes in so many colours and heel heights that it's hard to imagine their humble beginnings. Today this type of footwear is one of the most commonly used styles for girls and ladies shoes and is adopted in one form or another for dance footwear, school footwear, trainers and sandals in the summer months. Below I've listed 4 reasons why they are such great shoes and how they might be just the answer you're looking for in your search for quality, practical and stylish shoes. 1. They are great because they offer the wearer the advantages of a slip-on shoe in terms of 'look'. They are often quite refined in their styling but have the added security of a bar strap to help keep the shoe on. This strap is usually secured with a buckle or more commonly now (and particularly for kids) a return Velcro strap. This means that the strap can easily be adjusted to the size of the foot to keep it in place, therefore avoiding any of the fit issues or 'clawing' that can occur by trying to keep a slip-on shoe on the foot. 2. They can be bought for children from birth as some of the baby brands have caught onto the fashion, but more commonly they are perfect for girls shoes. Brands now offer them in school shoes, sports shoes as well as 'everyday' styles and colourings. 3. They are very popular with women, again wanting the 'look' of a slip-on, but with the extra security that a strap offers, particularly if you're trying to keep up with the kids! They also offer great support to the foot if you have issues with flat feet or joint problems in the leg. As they can come higher over the foot than a slip-on, arch support and padding has been added to many quality brands. Alternatively insoles obtained from your practising podiatrist can often be placed inside a Mary-Jane and hidden from view. 4. Ladies versions of the shoe are again available in every finish, material, colour and heel height you could possible need!. They are also in a range of shoe types ranging from sandals to sports footwear so there is most definitely something to suit every style and budget. When buying shoes on-line, it is important that you use a quality site that can offer you honest advice and feedback on how the shoe fits. Some brands make them quite shallow across the foot. This is great if you have a slim, shallow foot, but not great if you have a deep, wide foot and there is nothing more frustrating than excitedly waiting for your shoes, only to be disappointed when they don't fit! Wherever you buy your Mary Janes from I'd highly recommend you check out this great shoe style if you have not looked at the latest styles and brands more recently!
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