Ladies Shoes Party In Malaysia - International

by:A3 Shoes     2020-06-25
If the cold weather is getting you upset and you were already in search of the travel places as a holiday destination, have you thought about Malaysia? As you may find out, the country is currently promoting the footwear.html' target='_blank'>ladies shoes as a reason for visitors to come visit this place. Malaysia is now promoting shoes as new tourist products, following the success of two international festivals held last year, said Tourism Minister. The idea for promoting the country as a shoe hub stems from the fact that it is the birthplace of one very famous footwear designer: Jimmy Choo. In addition, Malaysia Tourism Minister noted that 'Jimmy Choo for Shoe also rhymes', although we'd like to think there was a little more to this set-up than simple rhyming. Using this as a springboard, the country Malaysia in last April held the first International Shoe Festival in partnership with the Malaysian Shoe Association, which attracted more than 45,000 visitors. At this event Mr. Choo who also serves as a Malaysian Tourism Ambassador showcased 10 of his new designs, and spoke to a crowd of assembled shoe designers and other business minded people about how they could promote together the Malaysian shoe industry. Also the International Shoe Festival was a big-time shopping event, with pair after pair of shoes literally flying off the shelves, and discounts were given to those real shoe lovers who showed up early. In the festival shoes worth RM 5 million were sold in cash. Now Malaysia is planning to increase the mid-haul and long-haul tourists, because about 75% of its tourists' arrival came from its nearby countries. The country wants to see more tourists from China, Philippines, India, Middle East, even from Europe and the U.S.A.. But no matter how attractive the country is, it won't do if it doesn't have the accessibility. Malaysia's budget airline AirAsia has played a big role in the country's tourism industry and has sparked the boom in low-cost carriers in the last 10 years. As a very fine example of private sector initiative, AirAsia has done quite well, not only for itself but also for opening up Malaysia as a tourism destination with its tagline that 'Now Everyone Can Fly'. The tourism industry of Malaysia is becoming quite competitive, and Malaysia keeps on doing its best to be good and sharp in following the tourist trends, while never be complacent. 2009 has been a big year for Malaysia's tourism, in which the country emerged as the world's 9th largest tourist destination. Everybody was shocked that a country that has 28 million citizens however attracted 23.6 million tourists. So if you're hoping to make the 2011 festival, you'd better act fast: it's scheduled to take place during April 1st through 3rd, and Malaysia promises it will be much bigger and better than last year's event, which means there will be a lot more fancy and beautiful ladies shoes waiting for you!
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