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How to judge the quality of shoes from details? Let "A3" shoes factory show you

How to judge the quality of shoes from details? Let "A3" shoes factory show you


1.Check the fabric of the shoes

Learn to recognize the fabric of leather shoes. Real cowhide has pores. Pick up a pair of shoes and look carefully in a bright place. The pores of cowhide are fine, but the size is not the same. It's too regular. There's a problem. The pigskin is a little loose, and the pores are distributed in a zigzag pattern.AB Sneaker Shoes

2.Smell and distinguish

Fake leather shoes are of poor quality, and the smell of fabrics is particularly strong. There are some poisonous and harmful smells that you can smell without reaching under your nose. The smell of genuine leather is close to that of fresh pig skin bought in the supermarket. It's easy to separate.

3.Check whether the needle angle is neat

No matter leather shoes or cloth shoes, there is sewing thread on the edge. See if the needle angles of these threads are tight. Take a pair of high-end shoes as a comparison, see how many stitches there are in the needle angle within an inch, and then see if the shoes in your hand have enough stitches. If the needle angle is too thin, it will not be firm.(Every pair of shoes produced by "AB" shoes factory has undergone strict quality inspection to ensure that it is environmentally friendly and high-quality)

4.Put it on the counter plane for inspection

Put a pair of shoes side by side on the glass counter or other plane, and check whether the forefoot and heel can be flat, and whether they fit completely with the surface of the counter without skew.

5.Check the inside of the shoes

There was a layer of insole in the shoe. See if it fits tightly with the bottom. Touch it with your hand to see if there are bulges and irregularities. If there is, it will hurt your feet.

6.Check the adhesion of the sole

See if the adhesive layer between the upper and the shoe layer is tight. There are no burrs and emerging adhesive. You can press the side of the shoe slightly with your fingers to check whether it is tight.

7.Look at the design of the sole

The anti-skid of the sole is related to the safety of walking. Natural rubber soles are soft, elastic and comfortable, but they are not wear-resistant. The artificial rubber is relatively hard and wear-resistant. The sole has many tooth grooves, so it is anti-skid, otherwise it is easy to slip.

As China's top shoe factory, "AB" shoes factory focuses on the fashion and quality control of shoes. It has a factory of more than 1100 Mu and 10 years of export trade experience. It provides professional ODM / OEM services for global shoe wholesalers and an integrated service experience integrating development / molding / transportation. It is the best partner of global shoe wholesalers!

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