how much do you know about board sneakers

by:A3 Shoes     2020-05-27
In 2005, canvas shoes were everywhere in the market.
But every dog has his own day, so in 2006, the shoes blocked the road.
When you see the words \"flat shoes\", what is the first thing you think.
Will the strong \"dance of flat shoes\" appear in your mind?
Do we encourage young people to jump \"board shoes\" together \"?
\"Board Shoes\" is a kind of shoes that people who play skateboarding will wear, so it is also called skate shoes.
When you compare board shoes to regular shoes, the sole of the former is different from that of the latter.
Maybe the board shoes can make the feet on the skateboard better.
It also absorbs vibration.
The two sides have also strengthened cooperation.
Regarding the part of the laces, in order to prevent wear and tear, lace holes are made on some brand shoes.
Board shoes have anti-function
Friction for skateboarding.
There are many features of board shoes.
Especially in recent years, many high
Technology has been added.
Overall, its design is constantly improving to make the skater feel more comfortable while playing.
Its main feature is that the sole has a cushion function, but there is no need for a cushion.
The laces have a protective design to prevent breakage. The shoe-
The head is easy to wear, so wear-
Refractory materials are required.
The shoe has a thick tongue so it can protect your ankle.
There are many other pressures, such as the pressure inside the insole;
Wear high heels and inner shoes.
There are a variety of features that are designed for better sports and a more comfortable skateboard feel.
For the skater, the quality of the skate shoes is very important.
When choosing skate shoes, pay attention to the following points in normal situations.
The material of the skateboard sole and upper is best polyurethane.
The upper of the shoe is preferably thick suede leather, because it will wear moreresisting.
In the process of choosing shoes, we should avoid these places with wiring lines as much as possible.
This will prevent the skate shoes from being scrapped due to the early removal of shoeslines.
At present, shoes
The package of the head\'s New Shake board CONVERS shoes is super by \"ABRS\"
Very durable wearable material.
For some skilled skaters, the comfort of the board shoes is very important.
They prefer to wear thin clothes.
Slip shoes with sole.
The soles of these skate shoes are thin.
Under normal circumstances, the shoes are thicker-
Pad or pad.
The upper is made of soft leather.
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