How Many Shoes Does The Average Woman Need?

by:A3 Shoes     2020-07-17
It is not the secret that lots of women like shoes. Like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the city. She has a big crush at shoes. Only modest people can live with one pair of shoes but sooner or later we all need different types of shoes. So better not laugh about women with 'too many' footwear. It is a good thing because they are ready for every life situation. Now I am starting to count. First one is sport/comfortable shoes. They are for running, shopping etc. For all the cases when comfortable footwear are necessary. Of course some women must need more than one pair of sport shoes. For example, you can't run outside with the same shoes you are going to the gym. Than goes shoes which are used for going to the work, for some formal situations. Lets call them formal shoes. It should be something simple, something that not pops up too much. And again lots of women needs more that one pair of those shoes. Next to the formal shoes goes something similar but with some accents and again it is for weekdays. We can call them informal shoes. For example, for going to some caf?�, to some club etc. And I guess I don't need to say that more than one pair is for the best. Between all these life situations we have parties too. So I guess for those events extra shoes are more than necessary. Every women need party shoes. Of course I could put them in the previous category but I fell that parties need to be separate as I include here graduations, theatres etc. And we all know that parties and events are so many and so different, so again - women need more that one pair of party shoes. Till now I can count 4 categories of shoes but that`s not all. In some countries we have that kind of seasons like winter and autumn. And if the weather is not warm all the time lots of women need boots. And those are different too - the short ones, the long ones etc. This category we can call so simple as boots. And as the last one I want to mention rubber boots. It is not the obligation to have a pair of these but in rainy areas it could be the privilege. So which one of you could count how many shoes does the average woman need? In my calculation there is 5-6 categories and in every category is more that one pair of shoes. So the minimum could be 10. And of course it is possible that I forgot something. If you can suggest different kinds of shoes please let me know. For now I can tell that I forgot the slippers.
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