how important is to wear proper footwear for running? - choose the right one

by:A3 Shoes     2020-05-26
In sports like running, running shoes, this is the basic equipment for beginners, but also the basic equipment for runners and runners, it is important to protect and support feet under the typical pressure of running.
Choosing running shoes that fit your feet, running terrain, and running style is important to avoid trauma and running performance, but even before running shoes, it is important that when visiting a sports doctor, assess the suitability of running.
In the competition, the choice of the type of running shoes should not only consider the shape of the foot, that is, the type of foot and stride, or the way the foot falls on the ground at the speed of each run, it can also be the ground for running.
Today, the industry has developed running shoes for design and materials that are suitable for any terrain and can protect and prevent trauma even on land with the greatest risk of ankle injury, for example, how the trail runs or runs in the woods.
Depending on the terrain, if you are running on the road, it is better to choose a more wear-resistant carbon rubber sole, while if the running terrain is mainly a park, sidewalk or treadmill, choose a lighter, softer sole
Good running shoes are especially important for those who want to make the race a constant sport, even if they are not going to run long distances or marathons.
In fact, if you run at a certain frequency, at least 15-
20 minutes 3 times a week, you must have the right running shoes, but it is better to avoid choosing between shoes after fashion or recommended by a friend runner.
In running, shoes must first be comfortable, amortized according to their weight, and may be at least a little larger than the feet, because the feet are tired over long distances.
Finally, although some claim that shoes should be changed every 700 --
900 km of the trip, if there is no hole in the sole, the heel bends to the tip and does not form folds on the sole, which means that the time for the new shoe to run has not arrived yet.
We always say that the only really important \"tool\" in running is shoes.
This is inevitable: They can buffer and guide the contact with the ground, and always guarantee a certain grip and stability for safe operation.
Each foot is unique, even relative to the same person.
So buying a pair of running shoes now is not a fashion issue, nor is it a trademark or a fashion color.
Buy a pair of suitable running shoes to support your feet, body shape, weight, travel distance, training frequency and so on.
Therefore, it is better to rely on a specialized store, which can even analyze the support of the foot and understand its needs.
The size and quantity of shoes are usually similar and similar, including running shoes and of course different types of shoes.
Therefore, before blindly buying a pair of shoes to run better, several factors should also be considered: feet will swell at night;
The feet will swell when running.
So, a pair of shoes that look perfect, because you try them on in the store in the morning, they get narrow or short when you go out at night.
Ideally, the correct size of a pair of running shoes is a shoe that leaves a finger space on the toe, otherwise, the risk of a broken black nail is around the corner.
Running shoes are just a continuation of the foot to cushion the impact with the ground.
Making the laces too soft will cause the feet to move inside the shoe, thus damaging the protection during the foot support.
Running shoes are usually divided into seven categories: 1.
The minimalist a4 super light shoes, generally weighing 150/300 grams, are designed to promote the natural movement of the foot joints.
They guarantee the best possible position of the foot in terms of bioengineering and help correct some pose problems. 2.
They weigh less than 250 grams.
Thanks to their flexibility and bouncy returns, they are suitable for fast racing and training.
Recommended for fast and light runners with no support issues. 3.
Intermediate a2 model weighing between 240 and 295 grams.
This usually guarantees a good level of amortization.
They can be used for quick or moderate exercise
The speed race, and can have a light intermediate stabilizer for pre-spin control. 4.
The maximum amortized A3Footwear with a weight of more than 300 grams.
Thanks to its high shock absorption capability, it is able to provide maximum comfort.
As training shoes, they are very popular and are usually used by neutral or horizontal support runners or runners who use custom correction. 5.
Stable A4Shoes specially designed to correct the problem of overspin, usually weighing more than 300 grams.
And ensure good support, protection and stability.
Recommended for both pronounters and heavy athletes. 6.
Trail Running lightweight shoes from Crocs, very breathable, usually waterproof, sole specific, facing rough mountain roads, able to absorb the impact of the ground and ensure maximum downhill and braking hold. 7. With nails -
A8 professional this category includes Cross
National models and models used in various rail specialties.
Characterized by a reduction in volume and weight and a fingernail (6mm, 9. 5mm, 12mm)
Depending on the usage.
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