futuristic kicks: 3d-printed sneakers are tailor-made to your feet

by:A3 Shoes     2020-05-20
Imagine walking into a shop, running on a treadmill for a few minutes, and then buying a pair of shoes that are precisely customized.
Adidas said this is the future of sports shoes.
The shoes and clothing company recently launched a new 3D sports shoe.
Running shoes in 3D-
Printed midsole (
Touch the inner sole of your foot and the part between the outer sole that touches the ground).
Adidas says the midsole can be customized according to the \"buffer needs\" of your feet, no matter what those needs are.
In order to get the size needed for 3D printing custom shoe parts, sneakers enthusiasts must first run on a specially equipped treadmill.
Embedded foot-
With scanning technology, the treadmill track will deliver information to the computer, designed for personalized midsole.
The design file can then be sent to the 3D printer and
You have a custom.
According to Adidas, this running shoe matches the \"exact outline and pressure point\" of your foot. [
10 most strange things created by 3D printing]
Adidas showed off its new product in a recent YouTube video that gave up
Selective laser sintering or close observation of SLS, which is a 3D printing process used to make shoes.
In SLS, the laser blends the powder material together
In this case, thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU-
Form a solid object. The fused-
The middle sole rises from the powder bed like a phoenix.
Then, scatter it and put it in the sneakers.
Adidas and 3D-
The printing company works to improve this process. Though the 3D-
Eric Liedtke, executive board member of Adidas, said in a statement that the printed sneakers in the Adidas video are made for runners, and the new manufacturing technology can \"meet the needs of any athlete\"
Adidas wants to expand the technology, which is a good thing because one of its toughest competitors is already producing 3D-
Printing shoes for non-runners: Nike launched its steam ultimate soccer cleat last year, which was made with 3D printing and another digital manufacturing process --3D knitting.
In 3D weaving, the machine turns computer files into a seamless dress, or in the case of Nike, into a seamless shoe that fits the wearer like a sock.
Other shoe brands are also using 3D printing to make custom shoes for everyday wear.
Nude, a British design company, has designed some products that are very futuristic.
Use 3D printing to look like high heels.
Then there is Feetz, creating the \"digital Shoemaker\" of custom 3D\"
Looks like printed shoes in science fiction. fi flick.
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