Fila Skeletoes Vs Vibram's Five Fingers

by:A3 Shoes     2020-08-19
Since Fila introduced their Skeletoes line, much attention has been called to whether or not this new shoe is a direct competitor to Vibram's Five Fingers shoe. Fila Skeletoes were in no way designed to be a knock off or competitor to Five Fingers. Even Fila's marketing tends to shy away from any tone of being a competitor to Five Fingers. Instead the shoe has been marketed more as a means to complement Vibram's shoe. Fila Skeletoes are actually an ideal companion to anyone who has used the VFF or other performance barefoot shoes for running or climbing. The Skeletoes shoe can be easily slipped on (especially with the EZ Slide feature) as an alternative to those wanting to avoid continuous wear and tear on their high performance footwear at times when they aren't engaging in heavy physical activity. Fila Skeletoes allow them to slip on another shoe and still maintain the physical benefit of a shoe that contorts with the natural form of their foot and simulates a barefoot feel while being protected from the elements. While Fila Skeletoes provide the same experience to an active demographic of going barefoot, they are not a running shoe like Five Fingers. The shoe is built more for casual activity like yoga, biking, walking, gardening, and basic lifestyle activities. Durability in all terrains is also a huge selling point of the Fila Skeletoes line. The Skeletoes shoe can withstand anything from rocks, sticks, gravel, pavement, dirt, mud, and water. Runners have nonetheless enthusiastically embraced Skeletoes with some praising that the shoe's extra padding reduces stress on their hips and knees while running. Skeletoes were made with a four-way stretch, 2 ply nylon, and a Polyurethane design making them water resistant and light on the feet. If you scan online comments, you'll find that many people wear Fila Skeletoes during days at the lake, hikes involving creeks, or even while jet skiing. This should come as no surprise since this particular Fila shoe looks like a water shoe with toes. Keep in mind, just like other barefoot simulating shoes, your Skeletoes shoes will still need a bath from time to time. One thing you'll notice when comparing Fila's shoe line with Vibram's Five Fingers and similar shoes is the fact that Skeletoes can be purchased for a fraction of the cost. This is an incredibly affordable shoe that has been the recipient of praise for its comfort, durability, and flexibility. The shoe can't really be compared to the Five Finger line since it looks different and has many additional benefits that make it either a viable alternative or a complement to similar shoes on the market. Try a pair on and see for yourself how Fila Skeletoes feel on your feet. From there it's just a matter of deciding how well Skeletoes shoes will work in your daily routine and overall lifestyle. Judging by the shoe's initial sales and feedback, many consumers are satisfied with their Fila Skeletoes purchase and you should be too.
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