Fila Skeletoes Make Me Feel Like a Kid Again

by:A3 Shoes     2020-08-16
The all new Fila Skeletoes are very special. They are designed to allow your feet natural and healthy movement, while keeping them protected from day to day hazards of walking around barefoot. They must have had me in mind when they designed these! They are great. Have you ever broken the toe thing in your favorite flip flops because the pull is too hard either because you are on a slant or in the mud? I can't tell you the number of perfectly good flip flops that have one toe guard broken. And, there is no fixing them once they break! These new toe shoes have the strength to sustain them yet the gentle feeling like a hug! Remember when water shoes first came out and we all sat in the water pulling and tugging trying to wrap those around our feet only to discover they pinched our toes and somehow made our feet sweat even when in water! They were either too tight or too loose. And, what trouble you have when you get a piece of sand in those water shoes - that was miserable. Now instead, as the name implies - Fila Skeletoes can keep my toes safely tucked inside with no risk of pinch or binding. They are adjustable, snug, and easy to get on and off. I don't sit in a puddle for 15 minutes pulling on them trying to wrap them around my feet like a piece of plastic wrap over a casserole that never quite lines up and never stays where you want. The best part - in addition to the snug fit - the pattern on the bottom makes them fun and whimsical. Nothing spells summer fun like fun and whimsical shoes. The set will run about $50 to $60 and trust me - they will not disappoint. I wear them in the garden. I wear them on my jet ski. I wear them hanging out at the lake and when I am walking by the river. My personal opinion is that the shoes return you to feeling like a kid again - like walking barefoot in the grass on a summer day. For one thing, the big toe is in a more natural alignment. And, for some of us - those of us whose big toes may have turned outwards after years of wearing shoes with heels and narrow toes - this could mean a significant improvement in my foot over time! I look forward to seeing what these shoes can do for not only my comfort but the appearance of my foot. Also, your toes can wiggle and squirm like you are at the beach with toes in the sand and a beverage in hand. When I was a kid my brother would say 'Hold my toe' and stick out his foot with the big toe forward. I don't know if science has verified exactly why it is - but there is a certain comfort that comes from having a warm hand wrapped around your big toe. It is like a warm blanket pulled over your shoulders while you are napping. These shoes have the potential to give you that nice feeling of comfort like a hug or a warm blanket. Now - I am not a runner and I know reviews have been mixed on running in these shoes, but I have watched videos online of people wearing them while running. Man they look comfortable. Have you ever noticed how most runners seem to grimace as they run? Those people on line who are wearing these beauties seem to glide thru the air with a smile on their face. And, it just seems to me that keeping that big toe aligned would be essential to effective running. In addition - the shoes are well designed. While they may seem a little odd at first - they are actually very sturdy and practical. On my pair I see no seams or exposed fragments hanging out. They are over all a very solid construction. They have a strong supportive wrap feeling around the foot, and while they only come in whole sizes - I found that even though I wear a 9 A� the 9 fit very naturally and did not make me feel like I had to go up to a 10. I believe this shoe (and don't get me wrong - this is a shoe, not a sock) can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages and foot types. I would recommend this shoe for everyone - from those with bunions to those with pristine feet. The style and flexibility may tend to attract the active athletic types - but the couch potato might like the firm hug around the toes while kicked back watching TV. I believe everyone will enjoy a pair of Fila Skeletoes.
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