Fashion Sneakers - This Year's Trend

by:A3 Shoes     2020-08-31
Why this year's fashion statement should be part of your wardrobe!
Wearing the Superga 2750 shoe is an ideal way of being right on trend in a credit crunch economy. They come in all sizes, colours and patterns and are popular with all age groups. They are a versatile sneaker and are fantastically well priced.
Who wears Superga shoes?
Students - festival fashion
A battered pair of white canvas plimsolls is a great contrast to a pretty tea dress. Whilst a pastel colour pair feminises a pair of combo jeans. This is a favourite choice for stylish teenage girls. They complement cut off shorts, floating skirts, floral tea dresses and jeans. This is a perfect gift for a fashion conscious youngster. Teenage boys can wear them for any occasion, casual or smart. Superga mid tops look great with shorts and jeans. Unbelievably good value for cash strapped youngsters!
Yummy Mummies
Undoubtedly own several Superga shoes to complement their fashion wardrobe. They love wearing the 2750 classic with skinny jeans, rolled up jeans and flares. Favourite colours are navy, pink and cactus. Superga shoes also look great with floral dresses and skirts. The timeless 2750 range comes in fun flowery patterns and stripes and lots of vibrant summer colours. The classic retro black plimsoll is comfortable and incredibly versatile. Best of all each pair is great value and long-lasting. Why not pack a pair of plimsolls for your summer holiday? Ideal for long days of sight-seeing and hanging out at the beach! UK Superga face Alexa Chung has got great ideas on how to style up the look.
Cool Kids
Superga have a great range of trainers for kids. Easy to keep clean - just throw them in the washing machine. A lightweight economic and trendy solution for kid's holiday footwear! Their styles include lace ups and Velcro straps and sizes range from toddler to adult. They are practical to wear on the beach, playing games and whilst travelling. Kids love the summer style colours from pink to turquoise to acid green. They even have silver and shiny colours for the seriously fashion conscious kids! And let's not forget all those fun patterns.
Fashion conscious men
Men love the deck shoe and mid top range. A laid back effortless style which is a must have for this season. The beige and coffee coloured styles in suede and full grain leather are classic and go well with both smart and casual outfits. They are comfortable and versatile and are available in a great range of colours. The men's 2750 classic range comes in many colours. A great present idea for your man!
About the company
This year the company is celebrating its 100 year anniversary. Style icon Alexa Chung, face of the Italian brand commented: 'I hope I'm that cool when I'm a 100'! Superga is named after a town near Turin and the company was founded in 1911. Superga differentiated itself by producing shoes with rubber soles and the brand became famous because of its white tennis shoes. Its mission has always been to bring to the people high quality shoes. After creating the Classic Superga 2750, the company has wanted to add new ranges to their existing one. Now Superga makes technical sport shoes, the City collection and outerwear boots. Superga offers shoes in a great variety of styles, colours and prints. They are classic practical and elegant. The shoes come in fabric, leather and suede with tough rubber soles. Each year their product range is updated.

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