Dog Boots For the Pool & Ocean Water

by:A3 Shoes     2020-08-15
Summer is here and going strong. With the heat of the summer comes the traditional ways to escape that heat, not only for humans but for their four-legged friends as well. This includes treks to the beach and the local lakes and rivers and hour upon hour of swimming for those lucky enough to have a pool. Beaches, lake shores, and riverbeds are beautiful ways to access that cool, refreshing water, but they can present some hazards not just for people with bare feet, but for dogs with unprotected paws, too. A dog's pads can probably tolerate hot sand a little better than a human's bare foot, but it can still be very uncomfortable for a doggy. There are also broken shells and the occasional broken glass shards on the beach that can cut their pads or poke up between them and cut the foot. Lake shores and riverbeds are often very rocky and can be uncomfortable and cause unsure footing for dogs. So how do we protect our dog's paws from these summertime hazards? The same way we protect our own feet - with footwear like dog water boots. Manufacturers of dog 'paw wear' like Neopaws make breathable, nylon-mesh boots that have a good solid rubber sole. Boots like this are great, not only for hiking and trail running, but for activities at the beach, lakes, and rocky streams. When your dog is wearing boots like this, the protective soles keep his paws from getting too hot on beaches or even sidewalks and pavement. They will also stop broken glass, shells, and sharp rocks from cutting or abrading the paws. They can be worn right into the water because they are made of mesh material. When it comes to your dog swimming laps in your pool, his paws are probably safe. But the liner of your pool may not be so safe from those sharp claws as your dog climbs his way out of the pool. Neopaws dog pool shoes can be worn in the pool as well. But for a lighter dog pool boot that is perfect for the combination of dogs and swimming pools, you might try Pawz disposable dog booties. These practical dog water shoes are made of rubber and can be thrown away at the first signs of wear. For next time, just pull another set out of the package. These dog pool boots fit your dog's foot like a comfy pair of socks, too, and provide complete range of motion. To keep your dog's paws safe and healthy through all the summertime fun, choose dog water boots like Neopaws or Pawz. They are the perfect way to protect Fido's paws from heat and sharp objects, not to mention safeguarding the sides of your pool and even the seats in your boat.
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