cork recycler and footwear maker join forces

by:A3 Shoes     2020-05-24
In 2007, when it launched a project to transfer used grape wine bottle plugs from landfill sites, the grape wine bottle stopper recycling project ReCORK America, sponsored by Amorim, Portugal, it is difficult to find a viable way to recycle used plugs.
The project, which collected 500,000 Cork in its first year, has now accumulated nearly 4 million Cork from wineries and retailers, such as the whole food market and the nearest American airline.
Many corks were sent to a certified factory in Portugal for Remanufacture-
It turns out that this approach is costly and generates a lot of carbon footprint.
Now, the recycling program has found a partner closer to home.
The company this week announced a new partnership with SOLE Canada, which has developed Cork blends for its footwear products
According to Roger Archie, a spokesman for ReCORK, this will bring \"rebirth\" to the product line \".
Under the new partnership, SOLE will provide Cork
Extensive marketing in exchange for donations from Cork. âx80x9cA trade-
In kind, sir. Archey said.
Most of the 13 billion grape wine bottles sold to the market each year become waste, and some companies and organizations are trying to find the use of such things.
Since 2005, Yemm & Hart in Missouri has converted 8,000 pounds of the old cork into floor tiles, and the TerraCycle cork Brigade has 1,000 collection teams working to remove the cork from waste logistics
Since launching the pilot program in Oregon and California, ReCORK has started collecting in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York.
This is an ongoing work, Sir. Archey said.
\"We test how it works and learn as we move forward,\" he said . \".
It is gratifying to keep growing.
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Isn\'t cork bark?
Why is it so important to prevent bark from entering a landfill?
Throw them on the ground and let nature take them back. What’s next?
Should we also turn orange peel and banana peel into shoes?
Nowadays, many wine companies use non-cork plugs (aka non-natural corks)
Their products
If so, are these companies recycling their non-cork plugs?
I don\'t agree with David.
I know this is bark, but being able to reuse this product can produce another product that is usually used to make shoes that are not used.
Why not reuse what is about to be thrown away without having to use brand new cork that can be used elsewhere?
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