Choose Ladies' Shoes Like a Fashionista

by:A3 Shoes     2020-07-06
Girl, we know all about it. You are not the only shoe addict out there. Women's shoes are not only all about comfort, ease and what's on top of the pile. Oh no! We want high fashion, beautifully designed, covetable shoes. Even though shoes serve a purpose, they must look good doing it right? We think so too. Invest in your Feet Forget what your man says. Money spent on a great looking, comfortable shoe is money well spent. And no, heels are not silly. They are magnificent! Let's talk platfroms. Thank you shoe gods! A fashionable heel with a base thick enough to withstand the whole day on your feet? Yes please. There are so many fab styles out there that you won't look like a plain jane. Summer Lovin' Sandals. Summer. Pedicures. Beach. Get the picture? The sun is out and your feet want to play. There is no better hot day shoe like a flat sandal. Ankle straps, gladiator styles, thongs, ribbon lace ups, embellsihed. The choices are endless. Your feet want to breath and feel the fresh summer air, sandals go with all your looks for this season and can easily be worn for a night out too with your LBD. One Shoe to Rule them All? If there is however one must have shoe for this year, it is the wedge. It can be crowned the queen of ladies footwear. No longer is it outdated, but it has been brought back to life tenfold. New styles, fabrications, heel shapes and heights are what put the wedge back on the map. Winter Warmers Rain rain go wintery months will be approaching before we know it. Be prepared. Ladies boots. Function and style meet here. Fancy a knee high, ankle, over the knee or mid calf boot? Lucky you, all those styles are in for winter. Rainboots have also been re-worked to resemble a regular boot with uber style appeal, and those are super functional too. Fit for Purpose - The Gear to Wear Women are multi-tasking, we all know that. You have a million things to do everyday. Looking after yourself should be one of those priorities. Gym and exercise, whether it is outdoor or indoor, means you have the need for correct support. Don't only go for the exercise shoe that looks good, it needs to have excellent function as well. Do your research and try out a range of styles and brands. You need to find a shoe that is not only designed for your intended purpose, but also a shoe that suits the unique needs of your body.
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